Taum Sauk State Park Hike
April 16, 2005

What an awesome weekend for a hike!   We made it out on the trail around 11am.  We parked very close to Missouri's highest point....then we took our wheel chairs (its handicapped accessible) to the highest point.  The point was a little dissapointing, we could have walked for a half mile in any direction without going down more than 20ft :-(  That's kinda sad as far as highest points go. 
From there we moved on to Missouri's tallest water fall (Mina Sauk Falls), and that more than made up for the lameness of the highest point.  It was absolutely awesome...extremely picturesque, and lots of fun climbing over everything.  From there we headed down a large hill into the valley below Taum Sauk hill.  We hiked up the valley about a mile to the Devil's Toll Gate.  That's a big hunk of rock that is broken in two that the trail goes through.  After relaxing on top of that (40ft above the ground) for a bit, we started searching for a Geocache that was reportdly located there.  After some fusturation of not finding it just looking, we broke out the GPS which lead us within a couple feet of its location.
On the way back we stopped and stood in a stream for a while...then we split up into two groups.  One headed back so they could leave earlier, the other group decided to make its own trail up the mountain.  I know for a fact that they had a good time....who knows about the bums who wanted to go back to the car.  Anyway, awesome day in the sun!

You can also view a topographic map I've created, or get the ones from the Ozark Trail Association.
You can also get the complete package of topo and photo maps, check everything out ahead of time.  You can zoom in and out, plus scroll.  After the hike, I'll have a GPS track you can download and see where we went. (Warning large file - 62MB)

Directions to Taum Sauk

Check out the Geocaches that are in the area.  I'm assuming we'll definitely get "Missouri's Highest Cache", and I was also thinking about the Devil's Toll Gate.

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