Meramec State Park Hike (Really Greens Cave Bushwack: Hamilton Hollow Route)
March 6, 2005

What an awesome time!!!!!  We had such a beautiful day to be out there.  Instead of doing one of the trails, like we thought when we went out...we hiked from the Old Hamilton Iron Works, along a stream and over some hills to the Geocache for Greens Cave Overlook III.  It was a BEAUTIFUL overlook!   After that, we hiked down from the cliff it was on, and investigated a cave at the bottom.  We went a long way in....a couple hundred yards, way farther than we should have with only one head lamp and a mini flashlight ;-)  Then we hiked out as the sun us a beautiful walk through the fields/trees.

Get the Topo/Photo Data with a GPS overlay of where we hiked (90MB!)
Once you download that, extract it to a new folder, then run USAPhotoMaps.exe.  Once that opens, goto the GPS menu, then goto Tracks, the click on display.  In the window that opens, select the "Meramec Hike 3-6-05.csv" file.  The track of where we hiked should automatically come up.

If you don't feel like a 90MB download, you can get a JPEG image of the map with our track overlaid on it.  You won't be able to zoom, move, or look at aerial photos, but its cool.

You can also see the pictures that I took (if you've got more, e-mail me and I'll tell you how to put them up there  Also, the pictures that Bart took.

 trail (Meramec Park Trails Page)

(Warning North = Right....for some reason they put West up)

If you're interested in the terrain of the park, have a look at the topo map or the aerial photo or get them packed into a free program that will let you zoom in and out.