Feb 22, 2023     0 min read

Every day we use a web browser, it is a critical tool. I want to use one that puts me first, that’s why I use Firefox. It is created by a non-profit to be a solid tool for anyone to use, putting the user first. It has great privacy protection. The biggest competitor, Chrome, in contrast, is built by google and does lots of stuff to make advertising easier.

Chrome isn’t a bad piece of technology, it works well. This is why it has a commanding market share. Unfortunately, I also said the same thing about Internet Explorer around 2001. That turned into a mess when Microsoft didn’t add meaningful features for nearly a decade. We don’t want a monoculture like that again.

The two biggest reasons to use Firefox:

  • A browser built with your interests in mind
  • Preventing a browser mono-culture

Some links:

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