Mar 12, 2023     0 min read

One of the great revolutions in the last ~10 years is the ability to leverage cloud services for your day-to-day activities. Google Drive/Docs, Dropbox, iMessage, Google Calendar, etc. The huge downside to these is that you are trusting everything to these big companies, that often don’t have your interests at heart.

Nextcloud is a way to take control back and have your own cloud service to do all these things. It is simple to setup (or pay someone a small amount to take care of for you) and has tons of important features:

  • User accounts - Setup accounts for everyone in your family, co-workers, etc
  • File storage - sync files from your phone to PC, share among multiple users
  • Photo sync - Upload photos to albums as they are taken on your phone
  • Document editing - Collaboratively edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Chat - Text, Voice, and Video calls, including groups
  • Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, News, Note Taking, Mapping and many more

  • Nextcloud
  • Phone Client App

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