Tom's Site

Tom’s Site

Welcome to my site. There’s a bunch of odds and ends scattered around here, I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you search long enough there’s some cool stuff.

This is my new site (see how long this stays here!), still pulling things in, and it will probably never be “finished”.

I’m active on facebook, Mastodon, and more.

I have a seperate page I keep for my work building boost for windows and a tumblr that tries to document what I’m doing with boost builds. If you want to contact me securely, you can use my PGP/GPG Key (use the 4096RSA one) which has the following fingerprint:

pub   1024D/95207C90 2006-05-23
    Key fingerprint = 8AB6 F852 C418 5476 28E0  EA3F 71C6 6BB5 9520 7C90
uid                  Thomas Kent (Tom) 
sub   2048g/E29AFF45 2006-05-23

pub   4096R/FB6194A8 2013-08-18
    Key fingerprint = 54B5 88A1 4070 BEC2 6DEE  F539 EE42 C302 FB61 94A8
uid                  Thomas Kent (Tom) 
sub   4096R/E91E3CE4 2013-08-18