Mar 19, 2023     0 min read

Syncthing is ideal for high-volume synchronization of files across multiple devices. If you have multiple devices: computers (linux, mac, windows), phones, tablets, etc and want to have files shared across all of those, without needing a central server (like Nextcloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), Syncthing is the clear winner.

I have a whole bunch of kids videos (from PBS, youtube, etc., just to tease an upcoming post about youtube-dl) that I keep organized on my home computer. But for each road trip, I want to get a good chunk of these onto the kids’ tablets. I have Syncthing setup on the tablets (with some really cheap micro SD cards), then can control from my PC which videos get synced to each tablet. Bingo, hours of whining free time on the open road!

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