Antenna Pod

   Mar 21, 2023     0 min read

AntennaPod is a simple, fully functional, podcast client for Android. It does everything you’d want a podcast client to, so why look elsewhere? At some silly, locked-in, client like spotify?!?

I’ve been listening to podcasts since the dawn of the industry, with the pod-father himself, Adam Curry. The biggest incredibly huge change in that time has been moving from having the client be on a PC, then transferring each episode to a mp3 player…to having a fully-connected phone as the client and player. I went through a few clients in the early days, but they often got annoying or naggy…everyone trying to make a quick buck off an Android app. Another great advantage of open source, the business models around it don’t depend on annoying you into submission. I found AntennaPod and never looked back.

I’ve got a stable of podcasts I listen to weekly, but am frequently trying new ones and stopping old ones. AntennaPod has a great UI for doing this, and all the other features I’d expect from any podcast player.

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